Project House Composites

The Project House Composites develops new materials and system solutions for efficient processing of composites. This addresses the growing market for lightweight materials in important industrial segments.

Composites are a new class of material consisting of two components: a matrix system (e.g. made from crosslinking resins or thermoplastic polymers) and reinforcing high performance fibers (e.g. glass fiber or carbon fiber). 
Trends in the automotive and aerospace industries and in renewable energies have led to an increase in the use of composites that offer superior combinations compared to conventional materials like steel or light metals. However, the processing technologies for composites that have been available to date indicate that there is still huge potential for improvement as regards the planned use in high-volume production processes. 
Based on existing and innovative technology platforms, the Project House Composites develops materials and processes for the production of advanced composite components. 
Focusing on special solution approaches, the Project House Composites utilizes synergies from material and technology developments for efficient production processes for long and continuous fiber-reinforced composites. Topics that are addressed in the Project House include further development of thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, development of innovative hybrid systems, and their processing as prepreg, tape, and multi-material systems (e.g. for sandwich components). 
Evonik's network in the field of composites is also strengthened by its many cooperation partners in industry and academia.