Dr. Artjom Maljusch

Technical Development, Membrane Production, and Partnering

Dr. Artjom Maljusch is a Project Manager in the Innovation Domain Hydrogen Economy at Creavis. He is responsible for the scale-up of membrane production, cooperation with external partners, and the demonstration of the Evonik AEM technology.

“I am convinced that our AEM technology for alkaline water electrolysis is superior because our membrane is the only one available with optimally balanced key properties required for a successful membrane for the cost-competitive production of green hydrogen.

Our anion exchange membrane combines high ionic conductivity with distinguished mechanical integrity coupled with high chemical stability together with a very low hydrogen crossover. When I joined Evonik in 2014, I started to conceptualize our membrane technology and since then I oversee our AEM technology development. I believe DURAION® is a game changer.”