Hydrogen is an alternative to fossil fuels for various applications. The use of hydrogen is intended to defossilize not only industrial processes such as steel production, synthesis of ammonia and methanol, but also transport. In addition, hydrogen offers a solution to store renewable energy long-term.

The use of green hydrogen from electrolysis as a raw material, energy source, or storage medium depends on factors, such as:

  • Hydrogen price for the end customer
  • CO2 pricing
  • Local availability
  • Competition of alternative technologies

The price of hydrogen for the end customer is determined by distribution and manufacturing costs. The cost drivers to produce green hydrogen from electrolysis are the high investment costs and the price of renewable energy.

With our AEM-Technology for the alkaline membrane water electrolysis, we want to reduce the investment and operating costs for electrolyzer, which enables the competitive production of green hydrogen. By doing so, our partners and customers can position themselves as leaders in a sustainable hydrogen economy.