Hydrogen can be used to store renewable energy and enable efficient energy management.

The fluctuating production of renewable energy makes efficient and sustainable energy management difficult. In summer, renewable energy is disconnected from the electricity grid when it is overloaded by overproduction. So how can this excess energy be stored for periods of undersupply?

Hydrogen could be a solution for efficient energy management, as hydrogen is not only storable but can also be converted back into electrical energy. The construction and transport of hydrogen in pipelines is also significantly cheaper than an expansion of the electricity grid.

When there is an overproduction of renewable energy, green hydrogen can be produced at low cost and stored for when there is an undersupply from renewable energy. Overproduction of energy means the electricity costs for the operation of an electrolyzer become negligible. Low investment costs for electrolyzers are the key to cost-effective green hydrogen production. Our AEM-Technology is intended to lower investment and operating costs for electrolyzers.

Advanced membrane technology for green hydrogen production.