Awards for Creavis developments

In collaboration with the Resource Efficiency and Performance Materials Segments, Creavis’s Composites Project House develops new materials and system solutions for efficient processing of composite materials. The development work of two different innovation projects has now been awarded innovation prizes.

At the 2015 CFK-Valley Stade Convention (Germany), the Composites Project House received the first prize for its Composites 2.0 project for “development with an outstandingly high degree of innovation in the field of lightweight construction using carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.” The Composites 2.0 project developed hybrid polymersystems combining the good processability of thermoplastics with the advantageous mechanical properties of thermosets. The CFK-Valley Stade Convention ranks among the most important specialist forums in the area of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRPs).

The CAMISMA innovation project has won another important international innovation prize with the 2015 JEC Americas Award in the automotive sector. CAMISMA stands for “carbon amide metal-based interior structure using a multi-material system approach.” The BMBF-supported project, which was recently successfully wound up, aimed to identify new potentials for lightweight fiber reinforced automotive parts based on polyamide 12 using the design example of a backrest.

The CAMISMA project was started in the former Eco2 Science-to-Business Center and then continued in the Composites Project House. JEC is the world’s largest composites organization and presents innovation awards annually in the automotive sector, processes, software, and other fields.