Corporate Foresight has selected “GameChanger” as its current research topic. The Creavis unit identifies developments that have the potential to completely change the rules of existing markets and companies.

The world continues to evolve – new technologies are discovered, political decisions are taken, and social trends emerge. To prepare Evonik for these changes, Corporate Foresight has made “GameChanger” its current research topic. On the basis of extensive criteria, Corporate Foresight has identified 24 game changers and developed action areas through which Evonik can prepare itself optimally for future developments. This enables the company, for example, to recognize negative market influences at an early stage, to protect itself from these influences, and to make optimal use of opportunities in new growth markets.

For Corporate Foresight to identify a change as a game changer, the following criteria must be met: The change must reasonably be expected to occur within 25 years and it must have a visible effect on humans, the planet, or entrepreneurial profits. It must also have long-term effects and not be just a temporary phenomenon. For Corporate Foresight, game changers can also be events, developments, or technologies. They do not include people or companies. Examples from the past include the steam engine, the break-up of the Soviet Union, and the internet including social media—in some cases, these developments caused lasting changes to entire societies.

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