Dr. Andreas Wild

Catalyst, CCM and MEA development

Dr. Andreas Wild is the Head of the Innovation Domain Electrocatalyst in the New Growth Area Hydrogen Economy at Creavis. He is responsible for the development of catalysts, CCMs and MEAs for the AEM electrolysis with the DURAION® membrane.

“There is no doubt, that carbon emissions must be drastically reduced to meet global climate goals. Green hydrogen will play a central role in this transformation to a defossilized society because it enables the connection of the renewable energy, heavy industry, transport and storage sectors.

After 10 years of experience in battery R&D,  I now want to contribute to this transformation by developing electrocatalysts for AEM electrolysis based on abundant materials. This enables not only massive CAPEX reduction, as precious metals are avoided, but also a sustainability handprint for the AEM electrolysis.”