Dr. Anna Pougin

Business Development, Marketing and Communication

Dr. Anna Pougin is a Project Manager for the New Growth Area Hydrogen Economy at Creavis. She is responsible for the Business Development, Marketing, and Communication of our anion exchange membrane.

“The Hydrogen Economy needs scalable and cost-efficient technologies to make a difference in CO2 mitigation and not to stay a drop in the ocean. Combining my chemistry background and experience in business development, I want our anion exchange membrane to become a leading solution towards a climate-neutral industry. In 2016, I started as a reaction engineer in the in-house service unit of Evonik. It was there that I discovered the fascinating interplay of cutting-edge technologies that are enabled by special components—such as membranes.

Together with the AEM technology team, I want to help DURAION® become the special ingredient for your hydrogen value chain.”