Dr. Christian Däschlein

Director, Head of New Growth Area Hydrogen Economy

Dr. Christian Däschlein is Head of New Growth Area Hydrogen Economy at Creavis, the strategic innovation unit at Evonik. He is responsible for business development and the incubation of novel specialty chemicals and materials along the entire hydrogen value chain.

“Climate change, CO2 reduction, and decreased energy consumption are important topics occupying me in my private and professional life many years. Mankind needs to change something very soon to save our planet for our kids. That is why I particularly focused on business development for renewable energy, sustainability and hydrogen since I joined Evonik in 2016. Hydrogen will be one key element to fight climate change and to foster a defossilized society. Whether its efficient energy management, transportation, or the steel or chemical industry, I am convinced that DURAION® will be an enabler for the cost-competitive production of green hydrogen.