Dr. Franziska van Krüchten

Communication, Branding and Marketing

Dr. Franziska van Krüchten is Marketing Manager in the New Growth Area Hydrogen Economy at Creavis. She is responsible for the communication, branding and marketing of the Evonik AEM technology.

"Only with hydrogen as an energy carrier the energy transition will be possible in many areas. The transformation of industry and mobility to more sustainability is one of the challenges that has accompanied me for a long time. Already during my Ph. D., I dealt among other topics with the development of metal-hydride complexes for the storage of hydrogen. Later, when I worked as a Manager Sustainability in the Procurement of Evonik, green hydrogen was discussed as building block for the synthesis of sustainable raw materials for CO2 reduction.

I am convinced that DURAION® and the AEM technology of Evonik  will make an important contribution to reducing the costs of green hydrogen and enabling the energy transition."