Dr. Jeroen Ploegmakers

Membrane Scale-up & Production, Quality Assurance & Control

Dr. Jeroen Ploegmakers is the Head of the AEM Scale-up group in the New Growth Area Hydrogen Economy at Creavis. He is responsible for the scale-up of the DURAION® Membranes from lab to production as well as the quality assurance and quality control.

“Membrane technology has significantly changed the world in the past 50 years by providing energy efficient solutions to various industrial separation problems. Our DURAION® membrane technology enables the large-scale production of green hydrogen, which can be used to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and shape the world for the next 50 years.

With my 10+ years of industrial experience in membrane development and product implementation, I am proud to contribute to the success of DURAION® and to deliver yet another successful product to the membrane portfolio of Evonik.”