About us

Unboxing the Future

Our mission: Creavis is Evonik's strategic innovation unit and business incubator. We are the pioneer of sustainable solutions for a better life.

Our Mission

Climate change, population growth, and geopolitical uncertainties are confronting humanity with new challenges, some of them unprecedented. As a creator of visionary innovations, Creavis has been a role model for developing and deploying competencies for innovations and technologies for more than 20 years. As Evonik's strategic innovation unit and business incubator, we will focus even more strongly on pioneering and sustainable businesses for a world worth living in. To this end, we are actively driving forward the development of new economic ecosystems and value chains.

What we do

Three Incubation Clusters are central to our organization:
The Defossilation cluster develops solutions with high growth potentials that enable industries to become independent of fossil raw materials, close material cycles and pave the way to a climate-neutral hydrogen economy.
Novel concepts for the resource-efficient and sustainable production of food as well as the prevention and curing of diseases are focal points of the Life Sciences cluster.
Based on comprehensive expertise in key applications, so-called domain knowledge, and data-based solutions, Solutions Beyond Chemistry promotes traceable, safe, and resource-efficient value chains.

Within these clusters, teams of experienced scientists and business developers identify and enable key elements in sustainable value chains. They also actively promote emerging ecosystems, with the major goal of meeting global challenges with solutions for new markets and value chains.

Our Foresight unit, which prepares us at an early stage for social, technological, economic, ecological, and political changes, and Networks, which provides the best innovation networks, are important pillars for achieving our goals.

Unboxing the Future

We are promoting our ambitions with the "Unboxing the Future" campaign. The boxes, as the central motif, represent desirable future scenarios - with functioning and interconnected ecosystems. - The claim sums this up briefly and originally. "Unboxing the Future" means for us: "Creavis is the pioneer of sustainable solutions for a better life".

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