Success Stories

Our mission: Creavis is Evonik's strategic innovation unit and business incubator. We are the pioneer of sustainable solutions for a better life.

Creavis focuses on medium- to long-term projects that contribute to Evonik's growth, provide strategic guidance and open up new markets. Creavis projects thus complement research in the operating units.

In the future we will focus even more strongly on pioneering and sustainable businesses for a world worth living in. To this end, we are actively driving forward the development of new economic ecosystems and value chains and are working with various partners to achieve this quickly and in a targeted manner and build new competencies for Evonik.

More about current and completed creavis projects:

Current Creavis Projects

Find out how we want to make a decisive contribution to the energy transition, how we carry out artificial photosynthesis or drive innovations in the field of regenerative medicine and therapies...

Completed Creavis Projects

Whether organophilic nanofiltration for the efficient recovery of organic solvents, our numerous project houses on a wide range of topics, or life cycle management...