Success Stories

Current Projects

At Creavis, we work on a variety of innovative projects. Some of them are presented here:

DURAION® - AEM electolysis for green hydrogen production

A green hydrogen economy is a key element of a climate-neutral society.
With our pioneering membrane technology, we enable the production of cost-competitive green hydrogen and thus make an important contribution to the energy transformation.

Projekt Rheticus

Artificial photosythesis: a contribution to the energy transition
For some years now, Creavis researchers have been working on the idea of using bacteria to produce specialty chemicals by fermentation from syngas, which is a mixture consisting mainly of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2).

Tissue Engineering

The Competence Center Tissue Engineering in Singapore focuses on innovations in the field of advanced biomedical systems and biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and therapies.


For the first time, Evonik presents a new material technology for printable batteries. TAeTTOOz® was developed on the basis of redox polymers. The new materials can be processed into very thin, flexible battery cells using standard printing processes.


CALOSTAT® is an innovative, award-winning high-performance material used to produce slim, safe and sustainable insulation boards. In the construction industry, it fills the gap of a non-combustible high-performance insulation material and is considered for various demanding insulation applications.