Creavis Lounge I

Chemistry in Science Fiction - Materials of the Day After Tomorrow

The Creavis Lounge was held at Creavis in Marl for the first time: a dialog event for project partners, creative unconventional thinkers, innovation enthusiasts, and employees.

"Chemistry in science fiction - materials of the future" was the topic of the first Creavis Lounge. Thomas Le Blanc, head of the Phantastischen Bibliothek in Wetzlar (Germany). With about 280,000 books, the Phantastische Bibliothek in Wetzlar is the largest science fiction library of the world. "Many descriptions from science fiction literature have already become a reality. Just think about tablets, video conferences or precursors of the Google glasses," said Le Blanc. "The chemical industry is playing a big part in developing new materials."

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About 60 guests visited the first Creavis Lounge. Besides employees of Creavis and representatives of the segments and the Corporate Center, about one third of the guests had an external background and came from industry, science, and politics. "We see a creative source of inspiration in the Creavis Lounge," explained Prof. Stefan Buchholz, head of Creavis. "We address extraordinary and industry relevant fields. A key element is also to network and to communicate and end the business day in a relaxed atmosphere and thus foster innovation culture."

In the future, the Creavis Lounge will be held in more or less regular intervals on the main subjects of sustainability, future and creativity.