"We are meant to be creative"
"We are meant to be creative"

Creavis Lounge VI

The influence of artificial intelligence on the definition of creativity

What creativity can look like at the interface of classical music and technology was discussed by culture entrepreneurs Seda and Matthias Röder at the latest Creavis Lounge in Marl. 

At the Creavis Lounge, Evonik’s strategic innovation unit regularly thinks outside of the box in conjunction with staff, business partners, creative lateral thinkers, scientists, and innovation enthusiasts. The topic on the table at the latest Lounge was the influence of artificial intelligences on the definition of creativity.

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into more and more areas of everyday life—and also influences areas such as art and design that have traditionally been creative. If robots compose like Bach and Beethoven, how can we recognize man’s creative output? And what can we learn from technology? “For me creativity is the essence of human existence. We are made to be creative—machines can do the rest,” said Seda Röder, who together with her husband Matthias Röder is attempting to redefine creativity in the age of new technologies. 

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Seda Röder is the founder of Sonophilia, a global thinktank for creative management and innovation through interdisciplinary networks. Nicknamed the “Piano Hacker”, Seda Röder advises senior managers on encouraging innovation and creativity. Her husband, Matthias Röder, is managing director of the Karajan Institute, which apart from preserving and continuing the legacy of the conductor Herbert von Karajan is dedicated to promoting innovation in classical music and technology.

Their presentations and the subsequent discussion opened up new perspectives in relation to creativity in innovation and provided impetus on how to experience creative work in the future and encourage teams to work creatively. “Anyone who tries out lots of things has a greater chance of doing something amazing,” Seda Röder said.

The objective of the Creavis Lounge dialog format is to promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas and information in the company as well as with customers, associations, and universities, thereby broadening one’s own horizons. The event regularly features main topics such as the future, sustainability, and creativity.