Wild Cards

Evonik Foresight and Group Controlling developed 95 so-called wild cards which describe low-probability, high impact events.

What are wild cards?

In card games wild cards can radically alter the outcome of the game. Thus, in Foresight terms wild cards describe low-probability, high-impact events that, were they to occur, would severely impact the humab mankind.

Why do we think about wild cards?

Wild cards elicit out-of-the-box thinking about and creativity in dealing with possible high risk, high impact events and thus support the build-up of organizational resilience.

Interdepartmental project about wild cards

  • 1 interdisciplinary team of experienced experts in the fields of foresight, chemistry, controlling, economics, and risk management
  • 8 meetings for joint identification and discussion of wild cards over a period of six months
  • 95 wild cards identified
  • see a selection of these wildcards below: