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Natural cleaning power
With RHEANCEĀ® One the Personal Care Business Line at Evonik has launched the first of its glycolipid products, opening up a new dimension in gentle yet effective skin and hair cleansing.

Organophile Nanofiltration
organophilic nanofiltration

Efficient recovery
Many industrial processes use organic solvents, which have to be recovered at a later point in time. This recovery is accomplished primarily through thermal separation methods, which require a lot of energy, usually in the form of heat. An energy-efficient, resource-efficient alternative is provided by organophilic nanofiltration.

Life Cycle Management
Life Cycle Management

Viewing products and processes as a whole
Sustainability is one of the most important criteria that Evonik considers when developing new products and solutions.. For this reason, Evonik established a Life Cycle Management (LCM) team in 2009 to support research units, operations, and Group headquarters with life cycle assessments.