Completed Creavis Projects

Elastomer Photopolymer for Direct Manufacturing

Together with Cubicure, a spin-off company of Vienna University of Technology, Creavis developed an innovative radiation-curing resin system for direct manufacturing.

In 2019 Creavis and Cubicure, a spin-off company of Vienna University of Technology, jointly launched a project on the hot lithography printing process developed by our partner Cubicure. Hot lithography is a laser-based 3D-printing process, which allows to process highly viscous light-curing polyester-based resins.

In contrast to conventional stereolithography, hot lithography generates objects from a shapeless fluid at higher processing temperatures, using laser-induced polymerization. The approach allows for much greater variability for the components to be processed and enables novel material concepts for manufacturing industrial parts. The result of our collaboration with Cubicure is the first industrially suitable elastomer from the photopolymer class.

The project was handed over to the operational unit within Evonik in 2021 and the product named INFINAMĀ®FL 6300L was since successfully lunched. It enables the additive manufacturing of highly flexible 3D objects that excel in material properties essential for elastomers and exhibits an outstanding low-temperature elasticity!