DURAION® is the heart of the AEM electrolysis

The polymer expertise of Evonik has unlocked the potential to develop the DURAION® membrane for efficient AEM electrolysis.

The anion exchange membrane (AEM) developed by Evonik is the heart of AEM electrolysis. The success to any ion conducting membrane is the fulfillment of the quality triangle of membrane-based electrolysis. This triangle represents the delicate balance between the required properties of a successful membrane: chemical stability, mechanical integrity, and ionic conductivity.

The challenge is to achieve high conductivity without compromising on chemical stability and mechanical integrity over the lifetime of the electrolyzer. One property cannot be favored over another. The polymer expertise of Evonik has been the key in the development of the DURAION® membrane for AEM electrolysis.

DURAION® meets the quality triangle of membrane-based water electrolysis!