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Daniel Franke
Daniel Franke

Head of Innovation Domain Transparency for Sustainability

Daniel is responsible for translating technological development into business models that generate relevant added value among target groups.

"Epigenetics gives us insight into the true state of an organism. The transparency it generates about, for example, the origin, state of health, quality and other characteristics of an animal is unfalsifiable and, in addition to established methods, opens up a new dimension in the evaluation of claims relating to a meat or fish product.
Thanks to our development of a special epigenetic test and the building of intelligence by our bioinformatics, we can offer these transparent results within a very short time and at an affordable price.
This builds an extended opportunity to build trust throughout the value chain and creates a new basis to scientifically prove and develop animal welfare, sustainability and quality promise goals."

Dr. Rose Whelan
Dr. Rose Whelan

Project Manager

Rose heads all technological as well as application developments within the Innovation Domain Transparency for Sustainability at Creavis. She is responsible for all epigenetic activities regarding animal husbandry and respective rearing conditions.
Rose holds a B.Sc and M.Sc. in Animal Biotechnology and a PhD In Biomedical Sciences, specialized in intestinal immunology.

“Epigenetics allows me to connect my experience in farm management as well as in research investigating the interplay between diet, environment, and health of production animals to support system-solutions, to a scientific proof of the outcome of farm performance activities. This enables us to drive the use of epigenetics technology for sustainable business.”