The creative inspiration behind Evonik innovations.

As Evonik’s strategic innovation unit, Creavis concentrates on medium- and long-term innovation projects that support Evonik’s growth and sustainability strategy while tapping into new business opportunities. Creavis researches transformative innovations, taking economic, environmental, and social concerns into account as part of its portfolio management. In addition, Creavis also develops competence platforms that it then provides to Evonik, making it the creative inspiration behind Evonik innovations. Employees at Creavis project houses work on innovation projects that span multiple organizations. The houses supply Evonik with fresh ideas by bundling technical knowledge from numerous operating units along the entire value-added chain and complementing this with external expertise. House employees spend roughly three years conducting interdisciplinary research into strategically relevant topics without regard to organizational boundaries.

Creavis also moves projects forward in the following select innovation fields: Food Solutions, Care, Direct Manufacturing, Membranes, Feed Ingredients, Medical Devices, and Sustainable Energy Solutions. These innovation fields pay direct dividends for innovation growth fields and, as such, for the company’s overall growth strategy. Creavis always coordinates these research and development activities in close collaboration with Evonik’s operating segments.