CREAVIS – Science to Business

Creavis is the strategic innovation unit of Evonik and focuses on medium to long-term innovation projects that support growth and sustainability strategies of Evonik and open up new business options.

Creavis carries out research into transformative innovations while taking economic, ecological, and social aspects into account in its portfolio management. Creavis also develops competence platforms and provides these for Evonik. Creavis is the creative initiator of innovations for Evonik and promotes its reputation as an innovation focused company. "Evonik. Power to create."

Learn more about the five units of CREAVIS.

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Businesses supports the growth and sustainability strategy of Evonik by medium and long term innovation projects for

Science & Technology

Science & Technology pools the technological competences of Creavis in the areas of industrial biotechnology, chemistry, physics

Project Houses

Innovation projects which have a cross-organizational character or build up new competencies for Evonik are carried out by Proje

Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development sets up and prepares Creavis's new research activities. 

Strategic Controlling

Strategic Controlling is a support and control function within Creavis.