Innovation Field Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Innovation Field Sustainable Energy Solutions is working on chemicals and materials for next generation energy management, energy storage and energy conversion.

Due to the continuous growth of population as well as the increasing wealth and convenience standards of mankind, there is an unbroken, growing demand for resources. Reduction of energy and resource consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions, integration and selective storage of renewable energy are key drivers for society. For the chemical industry, these drivers result in challenges, but do also offer great opportunities to positively contribute to the energy transition and reduced resource consumption with novel products and materials in the 21st century.

The focus area “energy management materials” develops new products and materials to reduce energy and resource consumption. Selected examples are thermal insulation materials, lightweight or composite elements with superior properties and significantly reduced weight as well as materials with improved heat transfer.
“Energy storage materials” focuses on innovative energy storage materials, e.g. for the Internet of Things which are applied by printing processes. Furthermore, new materials for next generation energy storage are investigated.

The topic “energy conversion materials” deals with new material concepts for the supply of energy. This includes materials for the supply of electrical energy as well as other energy sources, for instance hydrogen.

In addition to that, “Graphene-Based materials” focuses on additives based on graphene materials resulting in technical solutions especially for “Energy Management Materials”. The above-listed main topics address multi-segment requirements for economical and resource efficient supply and usage of energy. This is complemented by new material technologies focusing on environmental technology markets.