Sustainable Businesses

Sustainable Businesses supports the growth and sustainability strategy of Evonik by medium and long term innovation projects for existing and new growth fields.

The Sustainable Businesses unit is responsible for corporate-funded innovation projects in various strategic innovation fields which support the business growth and competency development in selected growth fields. The name "Sustainable Businesses" stands for taking into account economic, ecologic, and social aspects during project planning and execution. 

A portfolio of medium and long term innovation ideas and projects is managed in close collaboration with the operative segments of Evonik. Besides the economic evaluation (profit) of the projects, the environmental impact (planet) and social aspects (people) are taken into account with the help of an innovation management process developed together with the Wuppertal Institute. The innovation fields are in general not time-limited. 

Commercialization of the projects is usually conducted by the operative segments. In order to increase the probability of success of market realization, the Sustainable Businesses unit provides market launch packages. In addition, depending on the project, alternative commercialization possibilities are pursued directly by the unit.