Science & Technology

Science & Technology pools the technological competences of Creavis in the areas of industrial biotechnology, chemistry, physics and technology.

Science & Technology provides the technological bases for future growth areas within Creavis and the operational segments and ensures their technical implementation. As well as developing new competences and technology platforms for Evonik, other focuses include scientific services and intensive networking with internal and external cooperation partners. Innovative processes and products for the requirements of the future and cost-optimized production processes for Evonik are already being developed in the Industrial Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics and Technology subunits. 

Industrial Biotechnology carries out research into the use of alternative raw materials, such as sugar, plant residues, and synthetic gases with the aims of reducing dependence on petrochemical raw materials, utilizing waste, and ensuring access to sustainable raw materials. The Chemistry and Physics subunits investigate cost-effective solutions in the areas of silane precursors and thin-film technology. They also provided important internal expertise in many different areas, such as traditional chemical synthesis, various coating types, membranes and plasma physics. Technology is responsible for the safe technical implementation of all laboratory activities in Science & Technology, from the initial test rigs to complete laboratory facilities.