Innovation at Evonik is based on three pillars: Ambitious targets, a clear strategy, and an inspiring culture.

Creativity can only flourish in a climate of openness and trust – where people can think, and exchange ideas and experiences without fears or restrictions. As Evonik’s internal ideas incubator, Creavis is measured against this standard.

Since ideas frequently arise from combining things that have no apparent connection, Creavis promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge internally within Evonik and also with external experts – for example, as part of the Creavis Lounges. This event format brings together people from diverse disciplines. The result, in many cases, is the emergence of new ideas and perspectives.

However, creativity is not an end in itself. All Evonik’s innovative efforts are made with the aim of gaining a concrete benefit for the customer and achieving success in the market. Entrepreneurial thinking is therefore a prerequisite from the start of any project. The Evonik Entrepreneurship Award enables young professionals to experience entrepreneurial responsibility within the company. The winner of the company-wide ideas competition is given a full year and a defined budget with which to progress the winning idea at Creavis and to convince sponsors within the company of the potential of their project.