Bots Take Over: Hyper-automation of the world through autonomous soft-and hardware

Already today bots improve lives by eliminating tasks that are dangerous, enhance the productivity in many industries and control operations. With improving physical and cognitive capabilities, hardware and software will take over more tasks across all areas of life.

Enabling technologies, such as faster computers, big data analytics, better batteries and low-cost sensors are making fundamental progress. Thanks to the resulting accurate perception of themselves and their environment, robots will evolve from stationary, blind and rather primitive tools into mobile co-workers that interact in close collaboration with human employees and can make complex decisions autonomously.

The next generation of personal assistance bots will relieve people from arduous work, being able to manage basically everything from cleaning to care. In professional environments, Industrial co-workers will significantly improve efficiency and work safety. Swarm and microrobots could expand the range of applications even further, for instance for diagnostics and drug delivery.

Moreover, not only more physical tasks will be automated, but also knowledge-based ones. Advanced software agents will be capable to execute ever more complex tasks without any human intervention, even including running entire organizations or determining therapies.


By2025, worldwide spending on robotics are expected to rise from USD 11.0 bn (2015) to USD 24.4 bn for industrial applications and from 2.5 bn to USD 9,0 bn in the area of personal robots.