Focus Topics

The foresight team regularly defines focus topics relevant to the future, which are then dealt with as a priority. Learn more about our current and past focus topics:

Focus Topic 2021/2022: Sustainable Food Future(s) 2040

Feeding the world's population is one of the great challenges of our time. The Foresight Team developed a holistic outlook on the future of the global food value chain and derived new innovation opportunities for a sustainable food production.

Focus topic 2019/2020: The Future(s) of the Specialty Chemicals Industry

Based on over 100 interviews with internal and external experts from the fields of chemistry, politics, business and futurology as well as numerous workshops and analyses of international futurology studies, the team developed scenarios for the possible future of specialty chemicals in the year 2040.

Focus topic 2017/2018: GameChanger

Game changers are developments that have the potential to completely change the rules of existing markets and companies. The team identified game changers and derived 39 action areas for Evonik, which will now serve as a source of inspiration, basis of discussion, and future orientation guide in the Group.