Focus Topic 2021/2022

Sustainable Food Future(s) 2040

The Foresight team regularly defines focus topics relevant to the future, which are then worked on with priority. Since 2021, Foresight activities have focused on the topic "Sustainable Food Future(s) 2040". The Foresight team is developing a holistic outlook on the future of the global food value chain in order to derive new innovation opportunities for sustainable food production.

Feeding the world's population is one of the great challenges of our time. A challenge that will become even greater in the future: Population growth, malnutrition, climate change, unsustainable farming practices and the rising meat consumption in Asia and Africa are just a few examples of trends that lead to one conclusion: To feed the world sustainably and end world hunger, the food value chain must be transformed.

Therefore, the Foresight focus topic aims to create a holistic perspective on the global food value chain beyond chemistry. In collaboration with both internal and external experts, the Foresight team conducts a structured future analysis of the entire food value chain. Based on a systematic review of the trends and technologies driving change along the food value chain, promising innovation search fields are identified and potential medium- to long-term business opportunities for Evonik are derived.