Focus Topic 2017/2018


In the context of the research topic GameChanger, the Forseight team identifies developments that have the potential to completely change the rules of existing markets and companies.

The world continues to evolve – new technologies are discovered, political decisions are taken, and social trends emerge. To prepare Evonik for these changes, Foresight has made “GameChanger” its focus topic 2017/2018. On the basis of extensive criteria, Foresight has identified 24 game changers and developed action areas through which Evonik can prepare itself optimally for future developments. This enables the company, for example, to recognize negative market influences at an early stage, to protect itself from these influences, and to make optimal use of opportunities in new growth markets.

For Foresight to identify a change as a game changer, the following criteria must be met: The change must reasonably be expected to occur within 25 years and it must have a visible effect on humans, the planet, or entrepreneurial profits. It must also have long-term effects and not be just a temporary phenomenon. For the Foresight team, game changers can also be events, developments, or technologies. They do not include people or companies. Examples from the past include the steam engine, the break-up of the Soviet Union, and the internet including social media—in some cases, these developments caused lasting changes to entire societies.


Age of Genomics

Designed Genes: Gene editing defeats diseases and brings species back to life.


Bots Take Over: Hyper-automation of the world through autonomous soft-and hardware.

Cashless Society

Cash is Going Virtual: More convenience or just more surveillance?

Circular Economy

Wasteless: Closed-loop material flows turn waste into resources.


Back to Local Villages: Nationalism trumps further integration.

Efficient Energy Storage

Energy Everywhere: Energy becomes available whenever and wherever needed.

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change seems Inevitable: Focus shifts from mitigating to adapting to the consequences.

Deep De-Carbonization

Governments Take Their Gloves Off: Radical mitigation targets enforced to stop global warming.

End of...

That´s it – Maybe: A number of critical resources might run short.

Flexible Production Paradigm

Batch Size One: Mass production and individualization become best friends.

Food Supply Chain Revolution

The Lab as Farmland: Artificial meat and vertical farms will feed the world.

Life Extension

Death has to wait: As people get older and older, 100 becomes the new 60!

New Construction Principles

Lego-like Construction: Houses from the assembly line.

New Means of Private Transport

Hands Off the Steering Wheel: Autonomous driving and flying redefines how people get from A to B.

Rise of Micronation

Be Your Own King: From obscure phenomenon to havens of innovation and growth.

Second Space Age

Gold Rush to the Stars: The prospect of resources leads to a new space race.

Sharing Movements

Progress through Openness: Sharing and collaboration replace secretiveness and patent


Man´s Last Invention: The coming age of an artificial intelligence explosion.

Spread of Diseases

The Eternal Enemy: Old and new diseases pose real threat to humankind.

Super Fast Travel

Distance Doesn´s Matter: New technologies transport people faster than sound.


Basic Income, No Strings Attached: What would you do?


Cyborgs: Living organisms and technology merge.


Electrification of Everything: Cost of electricity generation approaches zero.

New and Affordable Advanced Materials

Now on SALE: Next generation materials with superior properties become available for mass applications.