New and Affordable Advanced Materials

Now on SALE: Next generation materials with superior properties become available for mass applications

Progress in material sciences drives new developments, e.g. in the areas of light weight construction or energy generation. Before a material is broadly used, there are generally two major hurdles to take: firstly development/discovery of the new material, and secondly its mass production/broad availability. Many new materials have been discovered in the last years and decades. Several are now on the edge of a possible mass production, making them affordable for various new applications.

  • Graphene, being extremely strong, transparent as well as an excellent electrical conductor.
  • Aerogels, having an extremely low density, while being extraordinary thermal insulators.
  • 2D materials (e.g. Silicene), possessing extraordinary electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Functionally Graded Materials, having multiple advantages over materials with a step wise transition
    (e.g. inhibition of crack propagation, enabling of high thermal gradients,).
  • Functional Fibers & Fabrics, playing a key role in the realization of next generation wearables, making electronics
    flexible and bringing them closer to the body.
  • Meta Materials, having novel artificial mechanical, electromagnetic, or acoustic properties.


According to the Research and Innovation Department of the European Commission, about 70% of all new product innovation is based directly or indirectly on materials with new or improved properties.