Innovationsfeld Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Sustainable Energy Solutions Innovation Field focuses on energy materials, infrastructure solutions as well as electrochemical technologies, serving multiple business units and potential growth areas of Evonik. The contribution Evonik can make to the German Energy Reform is a core question in this regard. 

Stepped-up energy generation from renewable energies, scarcity and price increases in fossil raw materials, greater flexibility in chemical production – those are some of the many drivers that offer opportunities to place new product solutions and significant savings for existing product manufacturing in the marketplace. The “Energy materials” focus area develops new product approaches and material technologies that are designed to increase the efficiency of the energy supply. Examples include lightweight design, thermal insulation, and heat transfer. “Energy storage and generation” focuses on innovative energy storage materials for the Internet of Things as well as photovoltaics and sensors that are applied by means of printing processes. The “Electrochemical technologies” topic cluster involves the study of new technological approaches to high-efficiency hydrogen production and electrochemical process solutions. The above-listed main topics address multi-segment requirements for economical and resource-efficient provision of electrical, calorimetric and material energy. In addition, the new material technologies focus on the energy supply and environmental technology markets.