Project Houses

Innovation projects which have a cross-organizational character or build up new competencies for Evonik are carried out by Project Houses of Creavis.

The experts of the organizational units participating in the project house generally come together for a period of three years and work jointly on the development topics of the relevant project house. The products and technologies developed in the project houses are typically marketed by an operating segment. However, the setting up of a competence center or an internal start-up is also possible.

Evonik’s twelfth project house was opened in Singapore in April: the Tissue Engineering Project House. Up to 20 scientists from various disciplines will work here to make reliable solutions possible for tissue regeneration following accidents, disease, etc.

Completed Project Houses

Eleven project houses have already served their purpose, dealing with a wide variety of topics and providing many new impulses for research at Evonik.

The Medical Devices Project House has been transferred to a competence center in April 2018 and integrated into the Health Care Business Line. Work will continue here on the development of new materials and solutions for polymer-based implants.