Project House Medical Devices

Creavis is launching the Project House Medical Devices in April, 2014. The eleventh Project House of Evonik has its main campus in Birmingham, Alabama (USA), along with a branch in Hanau (Germany).

The aim of the new Project House Medical Devices is to develop new system solutions for medical technology and to expand the competencies of Evonik in the areas of biomaterials and polymers. Above all, it will address applications in implantology.

In the new Project House Medical Devices, Creavis is pooling and expanding the interdisciplinary competencies of Evonik in the area of medical technology and biomaterial research. By locating it in the USA, Evonik is continuing to internationalize our R&D activities. Creavis already started the Project House Light & Electronics in Taiwan in the year 2011.

Evonik wants to open up new growth opportunities on the medical technology market with innovative products. The global medical technology market with a volume of €300 billion is posting annual growth rates of six percent. At 40 per cent, the USA accounts for a major proportion of this world market and U.S. companies hold leading positions, above all in the area of implantology. Additional important markets for medical devices include Europe and Japan. Evonik is already a provider of targeted specialty applications in the area of medical technology. Examples are VESTAKEEP® PEEK and RESOMER® PLA, biocompatible synthetics for implant materials, and VESTAMID® Care, a polyamide molding compound that is used, among other things, as catheter material. Additional products for medical technology applications include PMMA and methacrylate copolymers, which Evonik supplies under the brand name DEGACRYL®. They are used as a high-quality raw material for bone cement and dental applications.

The work areas addressed by the Project House Medical Devices are closely focused on current and future customer needs in the area of medical technology. Innovative solutions in medical technology, such as functional biomaterials, are excellently suited for meeting the demand for ever-more compatible and safer medical products and for implementing new therapeutic concepts. With the location in Birmingham Creavis places R&D at the center of the attractive U.S. market with great proximity to our customers.