The AEM team

Researchers of Evonik's Business Incubator Creavis and experts from the Business Line High-Performance Polymers are working together for the success of DURAION® and our AEM technology.

Creavis is Evonik's strategic innovation unit and business incubator. For more than 20 years, it has paved the way for new technologies and innovative business models to make the future a good place to live. Around 200 employees around the world develop sustainable solutions to key challenges resulting from climate change and population growth. In this way they drive forward new commercial ecosystems and value chains.

The AEM team forms part of the Innovation Cluster Defossilation at Creavis and is behind the development of the DURAION® membrane for AEM electrolysis. Our large laboratory team together with specialists from the Business Line High-Performance Polymers drives the technological development and scale-up of the DURAION® membrane. Our joined business development is grounded on Evonik's long-term expertise in polymer and membrane development and commercialization.  

"We believe DURAION® will contribute to a successful sustainable hydrogen economy."