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HighTEG, Creavis, Innovation, thermoelektrische Generatoren

Turning waste heat into electricity
Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) convert heat into electrical energy and thus enable the utilization of waste heat, for example from industrial processes. To leverage the major potential of this technology for thermal energy recovery, Creavis has developed an innovative manufacturing process for these generators. 

Evonik fermenter, Rheticus, Corporate Innovation

Artificial photosythesis: a contribution to the energy transition
For some years now, Creavis researchers have been working on the idea of using bacteria to produce specialty chemicals by fermentation from syngas, which is a mixture consisting mainly of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2).

Projekthaus Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering

Up to 20 scientists from various disciplines will work at the Tissue Engineering Project House to make reliable solutions possible for tissue regeneration following accidents, disease, etc. The aim is to develop materials for biological implants in medical applications.