The Future(s) of the Speciality Chemicals Industry

As part of the current focus topic "The Future(s) of the Specialty Chemicals Industry," Corporate Foresight is developing scenarios for the future of specialty chemicals in the year 2040.

What will shape the future of the specialty chemicals industry? What might possible future scenarios in our industry look like? For example, will we soon be working side-by-side with robots and artificial intelligence? Will there be a global circular economy? How will changes affect global consumption patterns? Which raw material sources will we use in the future? – The Corporate Foresight team is addressing these and other questions within the scope of this year’s focus topic, “The Future(s) of the Specialty Chemicals Industry".

Using an explorative scenario method, Corporate Foresight develops specific and consistent images of possible futures, which can help Evonik to identify growth fields and to check the validity of its strategies.

These future scenarios are created in three steps. The team starts by identifying key factors that will significantly influence the future. For this purpose, over 100 interviews are conducted with internal and external experts from the fields of chemistry, politics, and business, followed by evaluating international futurology studies and holding numerous workshops. In a second step, the possible developments of these key factors are determined and brought into a consistent relationship. In a third step, this results in various plausible future scenarios based on a plethora of possible developments. These scenarios can then be used as the basis of strategic decisions.