Innovationsfeld Food Solutions

Innovation fields


Innovationsfeld Additive Manufactoring

Direct Manufacturing

The DirectManufacturing Innovation Field is involved in the generative production of mass-produced industrial components and prototypes.

Innovationsfeld Care


The Care Innovation Field works to bring custom-tailored surfactants, cosmetic raw materials, and cosmetic active ingredients to market maturity. 

Innovationsfeld Feed Ingredients

Feed Ingredients

With its Feed Ingredients Innovation Field, Creavis supports growth in the attractive animal feed additives market.  

Innovationsfeld Food Solutions

Food Solutions

With its Food Solutions Innovation Field, Creavis supports growth in the attractive market for food additives used in human nutrition. 

Innovationsfeld Membranes


The Membranes Innovation Field researches new membrane materials and membrane concepts for sustainable and efficient separation methods.

Innovationsfeld Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Sustainable Energy Solutions Innovation Field develops new product solutions for thermal insulation, energy storage and generation, electrochemical technologies along with innovative sustainable materials and processes for various industries.

Projekthaus Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering

Scientists from various disciplines work in the Project House Tissue Engineering to make reliable solutions possible for tissue regeneration following accidents or disease.