Competence Center

Tissue Engineering

The Competence Center Tissue Engineering in Singapore focuses on innovations in the field of cell culture, novel tissue models and solutions for cell and gene therapy.

Creavis started its activities in the field of tissue engineering and cell culture when it launched its twelfth project house Tissue Engineering in Singapore, at the Asia Research Hub. Since its inception in 2018, the project house has facilitated and progressed the development of products that address unmet needs in regenerative medicine. This includes animal-origin free biomaterials and cell culture ingredients, as well as biomimetic in-vitro models that can be applied for testing and, in the future, even as grafts.

After achieving several developmental milestones, the project house has since evolved into a Competence Center, driving global innovation in the areas of advanced biomedical systems and biotechnology from Singapore. To further strengthen its capability in tissue models’ creation, the company invested in Revivo BioSystems, a local organ-on-a-chip start-up, in November 2021. The investment includes support from the experts and researchers from the Creavis team in Singapore towards the development and commercialization of a technology that uses a realistic 4D model of human skin for the testing of chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical compounds.

"Singapore’s vibrant biomedical research environment has truly facilitated collaborations with external partners from both academia and industry to accelerate innovation, such as the development of innovative skin models for testing applications,” said Steffen Hasenzahl, Head of Creavis. “While we expand our project house Tissue Engineering in Singapore to a fully functional Competence Center which will closely cooperate with our innovation hubs, partners and customers across the globe, we also see the Asian market as one of the key growth drivers for us from research, operations, and talent perspective."

Our Competence Center aims to realize innovative and sustainable solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as other domains of Life Sciences. It will help to advance research in the field of cell culture, cell and gene therapy and tissue engineering to support the progress of regenerative medicine, but also support the development of innovative therapies through sustainable and ethical cell-based technologies.